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Giving Shape To The Client’s Desire For The Extraordinary

Of all the practical applications of the fine arts, only interior design and architecture have the power to astonish us. Like the architect, the interior designer creates spaces on a large scale, which affect the life of those inhabiting them. Whether a yacht’s salon or stateroom or a residence’s kitchen, master suite, or living room – well-designed spaces have the capacity to influence the conscious and unconscious lives of owners and guests. The discriminating coordination of colors, shapes, textures, lights, and shadows establishes subtle harmonies to delight them. The thoughtful handling of living areas encourages interaction while the ingenious utilization of space – especially important aboard yachts – contributes to ease of living.

William Bales, the interior designer directing the creative talents of William Bales and Company, recognizes his firm’s responsibility for the client’s well-being. With a sureness of taste acquired after decades of experience, Mr. Bales chooses fine fabrics, leathers, carpeting, stone, modern building materials, accents, and objets d’art – artfully combining them into extraordinary yacht and residential interiors.

The result is always “sensational” in the authentic sense of that word. Mr. Bales’ interiors evoke sensations of tranquility or excitement … classical elegance or contemporary refinement – environments conceived and crafted to satisfy the clients’ desires. Never gratuitous or needlessly extravagant, the sophisticated interiors designed by William Bales and Company also acknowledge the practical necessities of functionalism and durability.

Marine Interiors That Combine Beauty and Ingenious Space Utilization

Mr. Bales’ career has been more or less divided equally between marine interior styling and residential interior design. He has served as Ocean Yachts’ exclusive stylist since its founding in 1977, helping the southern New Jersey company become one of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers. Each year, Mr. Bales creates six standard décor schemes. In consultation with the new owners of larger models, he creates designer decors to allow for the fullest expression of the client’s personal taste. Mr. Bales has, at his disposal, the resources of all the Design Centers in the country, featuring showrooms of the leading manufacturers of fabric, leather, suede, carpeting, wall treatments, lighting fixtures, and accessories. His involvement in marine interior design is international, with yacht projects taking him as far from his West Berlin, NJ, studio as Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

In addition to his interior design for new boats, Mr. Bales also provides his expertise for yacht refurbishments.

A sampling of the firm’s recent yacht styling projects may be seen here.

Residential Interiors Acclaimed for Their Unerring Sense of Fitness and Occasion

During the past 35 years, Mr. Bales’ residential interior designs have included projects all over the U.S. For one of his clients, he has worked on 11 separate homes – taking him from Scarsdale, NY, to Scottsdale, AZ, to Palm Beach, FL. His most recent commission, from a client of 25 years, is the addition of a 7,000-square-foot master bedroom wing onto their existing 14,000-square-foot Main Line estate outside Philadelphia.

All Mr. Bales’ interiors are characterized by a fluent handling of space, the sophisticated use of the very latest architectural and decorative elements, and that sensitive color palette that has made William Bales and Company one of the most sought-after interior design firms in the Mid-Atlantic.

The firm is now working with the second generation of some of its clients’ families.

William Bales and Company is pleased to serve homeowners directly, or in collaboration with their architects or builders. Mr. Bales welcomes new projects to add to those already completed for its satisfied clients.

A sampling of the firm’s recent residential projects may be seen here.

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Imagining The Extraordinary In Interior Design